Odd Mr. T has been at it again! He created a beautiful new cover for my Thanksgiving-themed novella, Hungry Hearts. Hungry Hearts is one of four books in my Holiday Hearts series. In honor of the new cover, I updated the blurb. Here is the new one:

While healing from years of disordered eating, she reconnects with a childhood friend and finds it hard to ignore the hunger he arouses in her heart.

Leah Freeman remembers her brother’s friend, Gabe Owens, as a scrawny kid who ran around singing the Pokémon 4 soundtrack. Gabe’s profile picture hints that he’s changed. For the better.

When Gabe walks into her mom’s kitchen, Leah blushes at his gorgeousness. Too bad she looks like an idiot with half a chicken cordon bleu stuffed in her face.

He smiles at her. Leah turns away. There’s probably a rule against crushing on the kid you used to babysit. But Leah can’t stop thinking about Gabe. Especially when she learns they’ll be sleeping under the same roof.

Hungry Hearts is a friends to lovers sweet romance that includes a thoughtful depiction of eating disorder recovery. Please do not read this novella if you think it might be triggering.

Obviously, BIG trigger warnings: eating disorder and eating disorder recovery. As I say in the blurb, if you think this topic might trigger you, please skip this novella!

If you’re interested in purchasing Hungry Hearts, click here to head over to Amazon. Thank you in advance!