As I’ve learned more about how to present books to the world, I realized my Holiday Romance series under my Jessica E. Thomas pen name needed a little work.

The series was an experiment. I read a Christmas-themed sweet romance novella and I thought: I can do that. So, I sat down and wrote Kindled Hearts. It took three weeks; it was my first sweet romance, and I was quite happy with how it came together.

However, because it was an experiment, it didn’t get the love that my full-length novels received. I designed the first cover myself, and we revamped a couple of the covers last year, but I still wasn’t satisfied.

Behold, the new cover!

Odd Mr. T said he won’t design new covers for this series for at least ten years, so I hope you like the direction we took the cover. We plan to re-cover the remaining books in the series in 2022.

Also, the series title was a bit bland. (Holiday Romance? Ehm…) I’ve changed it to Holiday Hearts. It’s a better fit, I think.

Kindled Hearts is currently FREE on Amazon until December 25th (Merry Christmas!). Go ahead and grab a copy to read after all the presents have been unwrapped.

And if you feel inclined, please leave a review. It really helps an author out!

I hope you enjoy your holiday and I will see you in the new year!