The Common Oddities office and parent’s retreat is almost complete!

Common Oddities is the umbrella LLC for my husband’s woodworking business and my author business. Twenty years ago, when my husband and I built our house, we decided to build a detached garage with a 300-square foot bonus room in the rafters.

The bonus room has been relatively empty for two decades, known only by dust and the occasional trapped bird. We piled stuff up there—the kind of stuff we didn’t really need but thought we might use in the future: a ferret cage, some baby furniture and toys, extra vinyl siding, et cetera.

Finally, the husband and I said, “It’s time.” The kids have nearly run us out of our own house, and they’re of an age that, theoretically, ought to allow us to focus more time on our professional creative endeavors. (That remains to be seen.)

We hired help to fit the bonus room with a bathroom and sink as well as electricity, and my husband took on the grueling task of hanging drywall. All that’s left is paint, trim, flooring, and a trip to Ikea for some furniture.

Once I’m settled in my office, I’d like to film the occasional YouTube video. I haven’t been filming because my current “office” is always a mess which I’m unmotivated to clean, because I know my children will destroy it again in a day or two with their dirty clothes, misplaced Froot Loops and Cheese Its, comforters and sleeping bags, and whatever else results from their whims. My children do not see their parents’ bedroom as sacred.

My middle and youngest rarely sleep in their actual beds, instead shacking up on the floor beside the master bed, or in the master bed next to me. Since I work all day, it allows me to spend more time with them.  At the expense of time with my husband.

That’s a different topic.

It’s okay. It’s all good. We’re good. Everything’s good. Mostly.

Anyway…hence my excitement that my husband and I will soon have a separate office space. When it’s complete, I will do a thorough walkthrough on YouTube so you can see it in all its glory.

In the meantime, here are some progress pics.