It’s a gray day here, but I don’t mind. The gray sky, yellowing leaves, and brown soybean fields are a lovely combination outside my front window. With my cat sleeping on the table next to me and my children occupying themselves in their rooms, it makes for a blessed, relaxing Sunday.

I didn’t have time to do a YouTube update video this week. My new office is not as conducive to recording a quick five-minute video. It takes a small amount of setup, and it also requires me to put on actual clothes and a face of makeup. I hope to get back at it next week.

Much of my energy during my free time has been focused on hitting my wordcount. I had a productive writing week, the words came easily, and I made it past a couple chapters that had been worrying me. My characters are falling in love, and soon I will throw a wrench in things, which will be fun (for me, not them).

I do want to report that since I have been focusing on writing, my social media usage has gone way down, and I consider that a good thing. When I get on Facebook nowadays, I find myself wondering why it intrigued me so. Everyone has to search their own hearts, but when I search mine, I find the constant scrolling to be detrimental to my mental and spiritual health. Lately I’ve been spending most of my social media time in writing craft/business groups, which I find to be more beneficial.

A quick word on my WIP: I’m at 52K words! I was dancing around in the kitchen yesterday because I was so happy about my accomplishment. I think I have 40K-words to go, but still! I’m over halfway done, and I am really enjoying the story.

Last week I was going back and forth about whether to switch to first person narration. I had convinced myself to go with “I” instead of “she”, but this weekend, I’m back to thinking I’ll just leave it in third person. Who knows what I will finally decide? It’s not too much of a hassle to switch tenses, so I will leave that choice until the end.

Also, my website is taking shape. I have a home page! If you hop over there, you’ll notice that the blurb for my WIP (Blind Mistake) is ready. Last week I created a production schedule heading into 2024. I’ve created a schedule before and failed miserably at achieving my goals, but I think I’m at a place as a writer where I can correctly assess my capabilities and work velocity. All that to say, I tried to create a Books page on my site listing my upcoming releases, but well, I screwed it up. I have to redo it. I’ll let you know when it’s live.

Alright. That’s all I have for today. The Cup race starts soon, and I plan to spend the whole afternoon on the couch! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon, too!