I can’t believe another week has passed! It was a productive and exhausting week, which is typical around here. My word count for my WIP is now up to 40K words. I’m off work next week for my kids’ fall break, so I hope to log another 10K at minimum, perhaps more. I plan to spend quality time with my kids, too, so I don’t intend to stress over writing.

This week we’ve been trying to clean and dry our Intex Easy Set pool. If you ever tried to do the same, you know how much of a pain it is. Luckily, we have a geodome that we were able to lay the pool over, and now that we’ve had a couple days without rain, it’s dry and ready to be folded up for next year. (Life isn’t very excited here, if you haven’t noticed. I’m not complaining.)

Odd Mr. T, also known as my husband, has been busy working on a kitchen island for one of my family members. He built it himself including the countertop, which he glued down with contact cement. Have you ever smelled that stuff? Think of a bottle of rubber cement on steroids. It stinks! But, the end result is worth it, and he is almost ready to deliver the cabinet. Afterward, I hope (fingers crossed) he’ll have time to whip up some book covers for me.

Husband was also busy (he’s always busy) helping middle child create his 5th grade state float project. I think they went above and beyond with the tissue paper and the rotating flag on the top. (Middle child had the idea of mounting the flag on a clock so that it turns. I haven’t looked at the Hobby Lobby bill. It’s probably best that I don’t.)

Within a week or two, I want to have all our Christmas shopping done. The kids want big gifts, so that will simplify the shopping, but it’s also harder on my wallet. Due to supply chain issues, we want to be prepared well in advance. If the worst we experience from the Covid supply chain issues is the inability to receive items in a timely fashion from Amazon, I will consider us lucky.

Also, we’re growing mushrooms in our front yard (not on purpose). And I have no idea what the kids are going to be for Halloween. I’m not stressed! :O

I finally recorded an office tour. Check it out below if you’re interested.

Let me know if you’re planning Christmas early this year. Also, any costume ideas are welcome!