The weather is perfect, just how I like it: warm bordering on hot, but not humid. I contend that sunny September days are the best summer days, rivaled only by early-fall October days when the chill sets in and the soybean and corn fields are brown before the harvest.

I’m currently on my porch enjoying the last vestiges of summer. It’s mid-afternoon and I’m sick. Not Covid-sick, thankfully. Well, I suppose Covid is a possibility; however, daughter was sick a couple of weeks ago, tested negative, and then husband was sick, and so here I am.

Rather than power through work in my cushy upstairs bedroom office (I work from home; I’m spoiled), I decided the bed sounded better today.

Around The House


Last weekend, I wrote a few more scene cards for my WIP, which is a contemporary romance set in Savannah, Georgia. I quickly hit a wall. The cards allow me to pinpoint the main conflict driving each scene, but I’ve reached the point in the story where my characters are falling in love. Where’s the conflict? The joy of falling in love is that there is no conflict. Everything feels so…right.

Of course, I will dash my main character’s hopes and send her into angst, but I have to get through the falling in love first.

Since I’ve reached scene #30, I decided it’s time to shift gears and start writing. I’ll see how much story I have and then decide how many more scenes are needed to take my character through the pits of agony and back to bliss again.

Writing is not an exact science.


The Common Oddities office space is coming along. My husband is an artist. Ladies who are married to visual artists, you’ll understand: in our twenty-four years of marriage, I’ve never decorated a room in our house.

Sure, we’ve worked together, and I’ve chosen furniture and paint colors, but when it comes to the finishes, it’s always been him. It’s not that’s he’s been pushy about it as much as I just don’t care. If it were up to me our house would be very simple, undecorated…drab. Thankfully, he has the drive to make things homier and I am fine letting him.

However, my new office space is my space. As such, I want to give decorating a go. I have some ideas which I won’t share yet. You’ll have to wait for the pictures.


Middle son was home sick last Thursday. We tried to take him into school today, but he was denied entry. Only a piece of paper with a COVID: NEGATIVE will grant him access to in-person learning. So, there’s that. These are the times in which we live.

By the way, my thoughts on vaccination: get the vaccine if you want, don’t if you don’t. Know your risks. With Covid, there are many.

Labor Day weekend was uneventful at our house. Life crept forward as usual with a visit to the grocery store on Saturday, church on Sunday, a NASCAR night race. (Did you watch it? How about that finish? Kyle Larson is fearless.) Monday, I cleaned the master bedroom and fiddled with a puzzle. I also ate too much, slept too much, wasted too much time.

Yeah, the usual.

How was your Labor Day weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

That’s all for now. Until next time, enjoy the weather!