It’s Sunday, the end of a long week of writing. My brain and fingers are hesitant to write this because the well is quite dry. However, I have determined today is a day of rest from the WIP. I will not plot any fiction, nor will I write any fiction. Tomorrow, Monday morning, I will be back at it again.

I did hit my goal of writing 10K+ words last week. It was a creative stretch, but doable. I plan to set the same goal for next week and rinse/repeat for the next 8 weeks. By then, I should be done or very close to finishing my WIP.

After that, I plan to let it sit for a couple weeks, and then go back in for a round of edits, after which I will send to beta readers. I haven’t put out a call for beta readers yet. Expect that in 4-6 weeks. I want to make sure I can complete this novel first.

On the family front…

We adopted a new kitty. His name is Macaroni. His sister Fettuccine and his brother Alfredo don’t know what to think. Alfredo (my pug) is barky. I don’t think he’d hurt a fly, but his bark is still intimidating to a small cat. I think, over time, Macaroni and Alfredo will come to an understanding. I won’t let the puggy get all barky with the kitty. Just like I run interference with my kids, I will do the same with my pets, assuring they all live happy peaceful lives.

The state of the office…

It’s getting closer! Literally, I can imagine myself working up there now. The electricity is complete. The plumber is finishing his work on Tuesday. Today, the husband is putting together bookshelves, and I’d like to paint an accent wall navy blue. It’s looking like I should be up there in a week or less.

We still need to make a few purchases: a mattress for the daybed, decorative pillows, some storage boxes, and husband still needs to find a comfortable, TV-watching chair for his half of the space.

What I’m reading…

This week I’m enjoying Mind over Magic, Book 1 of Lindsay Buroker’s A Witch in Wolf Wood urban fantasy series. I’ve sampled some of Lindsay’s other works, but this book has become a quick favorite. The pace is snappy, the characters are witty and relatable, and the mystery is intriguing. It’s a 60K-word, third person, single POV book, a.k.a. my favorite kind to read.

I’m not into the long fantasy tomes, mainly because I have very limited time to read due to my children and their ongoing needs. I need something short that’s easy to digest, that I can complete in a week or two, otherwise, I quickly lose interest.

Another book that’s been making the rounds in author circles is 7 Figure Fiction. It received a hefty endorsement in one of the Facebook groups I belong to, and I’m hearing discussion about it in other groups. The premise is that “universal fantasies” can help sell your books.

I put the book on my TBR pile, but I will admit, going into it, I feel some hesitation. How many craft books are already out there that promise, if you do X-Y-Z, you will start raking in the cash? It’s possible T. Taylor is onto something, and my interest is piqued enough to read the book; however, I think most success in writing comes from hard work over many years, so much work that the writing process becomes intuitive and you, as a writer, simply come to know what makes a good book and what does not.

My greatest breakthrough as a fiction author was the realization (duh) that without conflict, there is no story. So, when my story starts to feel like a slog, I know I’ve lost my conflict. Throwing some trouble into the story almost always gets the engine running again.

If there are, indeed, these universal fantasies that I can consciously add to my stories to make them even more endearing, enduring, and entertaining, I am open to learning!

That’s it for me this week.

What are you reading? Share your TBR-List in the comments!