My resident graphic designer has been busy. As a result, I have another new cover to announce! This one is for the Valentine’s Day edition of my Happy Hearts sweet romance series. In addition to the new cover, the novella has received a light edit (by me), and an updated eBook format.

I’ve sworn off InDesign in favor of a formatting software called Atticus. The new software is going to save me valuable hours that I can spend writing instead.

Without further ado, here is the new cover!

I’m writing this post on MLK day. I planned to have a writing day today, but the kids are home, and I didn’t feel like hiding away in the office. I’m at the kitchen table with my laptop instead, but I’m not sure how many words I will get in because my middle child is informing me about Windows 11. (He loves tech.) That’s okay, family is more important than business. I’m going to try to get in 2K words a day the rest of this week, which will bring me closer to finishing my current WIP. It’s been a long slog, but I’m almost to the end!

In other news:

  1. I’m trying for the umpteenth time to eat healthier. I’ve been recording my recipes so I can share them here. They are simple, and soupy, because I like soup, especially during the colder months.
  2. I hope everyone stayed safe during winter storm Izzy. The storm surrounded us on three sides, but we had sunshine and mild temperatures. I’m not sure what we did to be so unlucky, or lucky, if you don’t like snow. Personally, I’d love to have a foot of snow, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for us this year.
  3. If you have a moment, send me some creative vibes. I have a lot of exciting things planned for this year, and I need the stamina to complete them. I’m not going to announce anything yet because the dates are still fluid. As soon as they stabilize, I will announce release dates!

Thanks for visiting my home on the Web. May your days be filled with love, laughter, and sunshine! (Or snow, if you prefer.)